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MTFL: Metro Touch Football LeagueSleeman
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2017 Season (04/04/2017)
Submitted by: Shane Gushue

If you're interested in entering a team (or joining as an individual) in the Metro Touch Football League please send an email to: shanegushue@hotmail.com Please put MTFL in the subject line... More

Current Sleeman Promotions (08/05/2015)
Submitted by: Shane Gushue

Guys.. here are the Sleeman deals available at the NSLC until August 16th. Please get out and support our sponsor.... More

SLEEMAN Promotions June 8th to July 12th (06/23/2015)
Submitted by: Shane Gushue

Here's the Sleeman beer line up for the first month of the season. Please support our sponsor when you visit the NSLC!... More

No games are scheduled for the period Thursday, February 25th to Thursday, March 4th. Refer to the full schedule for details on game times.

Congrats to the three 2018 Champs:

Division 1 - Dartmouth Metals&Bottles taking down another Championship (27-12) vs the TYA Spartans

Division 2 - Oland's Exports taking the championship on the last drive of the game (19-14) over TCI Manufacturing

Division 3 - Owls FC with the win (21-20) over AIM Stallions in a tight game

MTFL Leaders

Player Points Avg.
Bailey, Jason 140 8.75
Daye, Bradley 112 9.33
Ferguson, Demetrius 108 9.82

Player TDs Avg.
Bailey, Jason 23 1.44
Daye, Bradley 18 1.50
Ferguson, Demetrius 17 1.55

TD Passes
Player TD Passes Avg.
Beeler, Nathan 60 3.53
Johnson, Shawn 55 3.44
Flynn, Matt 45 2.81

Player Picks Avg.
Clow, Stuart 13 1.08
Smith, Gaylin 12 0.80
Bailey, Jason 10 0.63

Player Sacks Avg.
Etmanskie, Chris 22 1.29
MacIntosh, Ryan 20 1.25
Smith, Adam 19 1.19